Most popular Photograph of Richmond Park, The Royal Parks

This photo is called ‘Settling Down’ and is one of the most popular Photographs that I have taken in Richmond Park. Clearly, it was shot during the winter and the beautiful blue hue at dusk just sets it off. I couldn’t believe my luck when the stags began to pass by, it was almost as if someone was watching over me and ushering them into position. Interestingly, it was only about 4pm when I photographed this image. People often ask me how did I light up the inside of the tree house? The answer is, I placed a flash gun inside the hut, placed a warm lighting filter over it to give the warm glow and triggered it off remotely. I remember being freezing afterwards, wet through and covered in snow, I warmed myself up next to an open fire at the local pub with a smile from ear to ear knowing that I had just captured a beautiful image.

You can buy large or small prints of this photo from my online gallery at:
richmond park photos by photographer patrick steel

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